WED & FRI GYMNASTICS 05/04 & 05/06/2016

Let's get those rings going again!  Wed & Fri @ 10am & 5pm every week.

We need a minimum of 3 people by Monday night @ 8pm for Wednesday class and by Wednesday for Friday.


Check out what we will be working on:

  • Exit Strategy for Muscle Up mishaps = Forward Rolls on Rings

  • Dip Strength

  • Ring Dip progressions

  • Ring Rows (Kipping) to MU Turnovers

  • Skin the Cats

  • Inverts

  • Inverted Pikes to Kipping MU turnovers

  • Muscle Ups/Pullups on Rings

  • Elbow Stands (Tripod) on Rings/Handstands on Rings

  • Superman to Hollow on Wall - Handstand Control


  • Superman to Hollow to walk away back to Superman walk back to wall