GYMNASTICS 12/23/2015

I talked to a few of you who consistently take the gymnastics class and have decided that in order to help you work toward specific skills with body memory progressions, we will start rotating bars, rings and floor.  For instance, January may be rings, February - floor, March - bars and so on.  However, even though we may be working on rings for the month, progressions for a skill may be taught using the bars or floor to initiate a specific movement or intended range of motion.

Hopefully, this will help keep the progressions fresh.  I think this approach will also allow a 1st week evaluation to help each athlete with specific needs to help with a specific skill and possibly the last week to be used to evaluate progress to help with future programming.


5 Rounds for Quality:

4 Ring V-Outs

4 Ring Straight Arm Press Outs

4 Gymnastic Pushups

3 Deficit Pushups w/Parallettes

3 Deficit Pushups w/Rings

4 Ring Bulgarian Dips

4 Ring Dips

**Gymnastic pushups are used to help create good movement patterns such as initiation through shoulders not elbows and helps strengthen open shoulders

**Deficit pushups translates into ring work with the extra depth required