OUR WEEK IN REVIEW 04/28 - 05/03/2014

We are going to try something new.  We thought it would be a great idea to share what's happening at Endless throughout the week.  For some of you who always go to the same class, this is an opportunity to also be virtually a part of the other classes.  Hopefully, you all enjoy!

Here it goes:

We tackled ring pushups and front squats this week like champs:

Candace did her first Rx pullups (81 of them in fact) and has the badge of honor to show for it:

and...talk about badge of honor -- Tracy did 24" box jumps and apparently both shins paid the price (however only have pic of one)

Paul visited a couple of boxes during his travels:

Then....we received a fantastic review from CrossFit Stevens Point (below):

Here are some more noteworthy topics from this week:

  • Tonia hit a deadlift PR
  • Adam PRd his squat clean of 245lbs and his jerk (body weight of approx 205lbs)
  • Jarod conquered some snatch issues he's been battling
  • Competitive practice was happening all week
  • Brandon did almost all workouts (if not all) with a 20lb vest to work on his strength
  • The morning crew have been commended on their fantastic overhead squat work - Congrats on the improvements!
  • Jake P, Paul, and Tim are shrinking before our very eyes by inches and weight - AWESOME WORK!!
  • Joey B hit a snatch PR by 15 or more pounds

All in all, we had a wonderful week at Endless!  Keep on Believing!!

If you are in a class and see or hear of a noteworthy topic please make note or take a picture, etc. and send us a message or let us know so we can share with everyone.  This will be a group effort because we aren't at all the classes and want to share as much as we can with everyone.  Like the saying goes, "it takes a village...." or something like that.

Thanks Fam!  Love you guys!!