WOD: Friday Feb 7th


Hang Squat Cleans


Conditioning WOD:

"Death By Pullups"

This is a Pullup ladder with 1 pullup the 1st minute, and add 1 pullup for each minute

Ex:  Minute 1 is one pullup, Minute 2 is two pullups, Minute 3 is three pullups and so on until you cannot complete the amount of pullups needed for that minute.  ( you will rest during rest of the minute)

If you cannot reach 15 pullups in 15 minutes, you will complete 7 pushups and 13 air squats for each round not completed. (ex: if you cannot complete 13 pullups in the 13th minute, you will complete 3 rounds of 7 pushups and 13 air squats because you were unable to complete rounds 13, 14, 15)  If you get past the 15th minute, you will continue until you cannot get through the minute.