WOD: Monday 6/3/2013


Overhead Squat


Conditioning WOD:

EMOM Burpees and OH Squats

10 Minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) for total OH Squats

Perform burpees EMOM starting with 1 and adding an additional burpee each minute

Then for the remainder of the minute perform as many OH Squats as possible


(Example:  Minute 1 perform 1 burpee then complete as many OH Squats for remainder of minute.... Minute 2 perform 2 burpees then as many OH squats... and so on for 10 minutes)

If you do not complete the amount of burpees needed for that minute, your time stops and you must run 200 meters for each round not completed.  (EX:  if you get to round of 8 burpees and do not finish, your score is total OH Squats completed to that point and you must run 600 meters < 200 for round 8, 200 for round 9, and 200 for round 10>)


Please post total OH Squats completed to comments!