Where is my head?

The question is answered:

This is a fantastic video explaining that head position of a handstand as explained in our skill work.  I get lots of questions about this.  So here ya go.  Neutral -the head in is the ideal position so there is no break in the core.  Head slightly out for a visual reference is more of what you are looking for when walking and handstand pushups - again notice how it is explained - you don't break your core at the the neck you just tilt (head still in between arms).  Also, I have seen gymnasts/athletes that are able to keep their core in line with head out - this requires skill and strength.  It takes lots of practice and strength to keep the core in line with head sticking out (most people will stick their butt out when head is out which causes a lumbar curve not suitable (safely and/or efficiently) for handstand pushups.  Protect the spine - learn to do it correctly.