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This is the plan:

  • Introductions & Meet & Greet

  • General Warmup

  • Wod Prep - including scaling options

  • Specific Warmup

  • WOD

  • Cool Down & Stretch



Are you a Master Crossfit athlete (40yrs+)? Tired of being up against all the youngsters in your box?

Here's your chance for a gathering with dudes and dudettes in that aging arena who understand each other. Standards based on age.

Ultimately modifiable!******Must be Currently Active in Crossfit (whether at a box or a garage warrior). This is NOT for beginners or someone who used to crossfit years ago. The trainer will probably work out with you and won't be coaching but will be available for advice. Must be comfortable with crossfit movements and the knowledge of foundational basics and scaling.

Mechanics and safety standards will be adhered too.

Brought to you by a Master 3x Regional Qualifier, with an CFL1, L2, Oly, and Mobility cert. It's a chance to pick his brain, discuss mobility, pacing, volume, scaling, and many other aging concerns that sometimes impact your training.

Where: Endless Crossfit
When: Saturday 01/13/2018
Time: 1030am
Cost: $10 cash - no checks or CC please (no sign ups required, just show up)

*if enough interest, we may make a monthly or biweekly

Earlier Event: December 2
Later Event: May 28