Q- How many times a week are recommended?

Our program is written as 6 days on 1 day off. We recommend at least 3 days a week for best results. If new to CrossFit, we do recommend progressively working up to more days.  Start with a couple days a week and add on as your body becomes acclimated. Obviously, more is better; however we understand schedules do not always allow for this.  Less days will show slower progress; however, still progress.

Q- What should I wear?

Wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes.  As your workouts evolve, so usually does an athlete‚Äôs workout apparel

Q- Do you recommend back to back days?

This program will definitely leave you sore in places you never thought possible. Most will want to rest until soreness subsides; however, getting back at it and working through it is the best medicine.  When starting, we recommend gradually adding days from 2 to start, and then 3, etc.

Q- Can I work out with injury?

Most workouts can be modified to any level - even injury. This is very much dependent on the type and severity of the injury.  Per doctor approval, of course. 

Q- What kind of shape should I be in before I CrossFit?

Any age, size, gender, and fitness level can do CrossFit. Most think they have to prepare or be in shape for CrossFit. Not going to happen!  The program is modified to an individual's fitness level for future growth and the athlete and programming will evolve together.  We have 13-years of age up to 62-years of age in our program now.  

Q- Will I still be getting enough cardio?

All workouts are programmed to raise your heart rate. Some are more intense than others.  Therefore, all workouts have cardiovascular and respiratory endurance attributes. 

Q- Will I need to do intro programs?

This will depend on your athletic development and comfort level.  We will discuss this with you and together create a program for your individual needs. 

Q- What is purpose of the Foundations class?

This class follows the foundations and gives you a chance to experience wods based on the movements you have previously learned. 

Q- What does scaling a workout mean?

This just means we will modify any workout for your individual needs so that you may participate in any workout we program.  We typically program in degree not kind.  In other words, you may be doing the same movements; however, with less intensity, weight, reps, etc.

Q- When will I be ready for regular CrossFit wods?

You may be ready when you walk through the door. If not, we will prepare you with our Foundations classes. 

Q- Why are there advertisements on the website?

If you shop directly from our website, the box receives a percentage. 

Q- Do you have child care?

We do not at this time but are hoping to possibly offer it in the future. 

Q- What is open gym?

We offer this included with all unlimited memberships to be used to work on any skills, strength, endurance you want to. Coaches will be available for any guidance you may want or need.

Q- How long are classes and what do they consist of?

All classes last an hour.  They will usually consist of a group warm-up, strength, skill of the week, a Wod Prep -- an explanation of range of motion of the movements in the WOD and then the WOD - (WOD times will vary).

Q- Is there an age requirement?

Yes, the age requirement is 13 years of age and older.  Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parental consent signed.