Every Athlete's Journey is Personal!


This is a motto we picked up at the beginning of our journey.  A time before the Open or the Regionals existed.  It was a simpler time.  Our mentors and trainers taught us the importance of the balance of training, movement and consistency and that all were integral to the CrossFit journey.

We still seek guidance from the wise ones for all sorts of aspects to this game even after all these years.  After receipt of our own L1 and other certificates, have found that the motto still holds true.

Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity!

Do we pretend to know everything?  Not in the least!

What we do know is that every person can safely do CrossFit and it is up to us to bring that reality to our athletes.  We share what we know and we still ask questions, learn as much as possible from others, and stay open minded to bring what we learn to others.  We all have our certain gifts and much to offer and want to make sure each athlete is nurtured to grow in the direction they need and want to.

Our passion regarding safety comes from a competitive gymnastic coaching perspective.  In the years of teaching those athletes, it became acutely evident that protection of self by moving safely was essential to their continued participation in the sport.  With that philosophy, gymnasts are capable of doing astonishing feats with their bodies.

Personal Choices

We, at Endless, carry this "move-well" philosophy into our everyday training of CrossFit.  It is a belief we are secure in bringing to our athletes and have very strong convictions concerning this area. Therefore, we do not apologize or in any way feel the need to defend it; however, do find it necessary to be up front about it.  Under our watch:  We do not load bad mechanics!  We do not let egos control the training! We do not allow unsafe movement!  It's always one of the first things we tell prospective athletes.  After that; it's a personal choice to continue.

At our age, we know the importance of self preservation and how poor movement can be detrimental in our later years.  We are also aware of how learning to move well first and foremost can contribute to a favorable outcome.  You can be successful with safe, functional, efficient movement.  This is not an opinion.  This is a fact.

We believe every person that walks through our door is an athlete regardless of what path they are on.  We have beginners and competitors alike and EVERY single person, whether using PVC or 300+ pounds, are equally important.  We honestly believe that every athlete's journey is personal and should be respected.  If you do not have ambitions of competing or making it on a podium, it does not make you less of an athlete. One is not more important than the other.  It's important to remember where we all started.  It's important to welcome each athlete and show them that the possibilities as individuals are endless.  This is a program of many firsts: 1st squat to depth, 1st pushup, 1st double under, 1st box jump, 1st WOD, 1st muscle up, etc.

In this atmosphere, day after day, we are continuously reminded that a group of people should not be collectively judged because they are not on the same path, same intentions, or have the same goals.  However, at the same time, are reminded how that same group of people can sweat together and become supportive, helpful, and encourage each other to success.  

Success is a relative term.  We push each athlete individually based on their specific goals and needs.  Our competitive athletes are on a different program than a beginner.  We coach each athlete personally in a group setting.  We encourage progression, efficiency, and personal records.