Bringing the Open to a Close

Bring On

The North Central CrossFit Regionals

May 9-11, 2014



There have been questions about the fairness of the Crossfit Open.

We are a new box and didn't have a lot who participated but plenty who follow it; and yet,
the majority still don't care.  Our members, about 90%, couldn't
give two craps about the Open. They just want a WOD programmed for them,
a place to do it, and people to do it with. They want coaches to help them,
guide them, and encourage them.  Most of all, they want the health aspects of it
all.  Nonetheless, some of them were aware of the Open score discrepancies, challenges, etc. and have asked about it.  Here is my two cents, for whatever it's worth:

  Castro Ranch - 2007 CrossFit Games - 60 participants

Castro Ranch - 2007 CrossFit Games - 60 participants

1st - the Open isn't perfect and is a fairly new step to the Fittest on Earth podium. People forget that it started on a ranch in the middle of nowhere and the only requirement to participate was to show up.  As in any new endeavor, I'm sure there have been lots of twists and turns along the way.  They have implemented changes and requirements, as in judging courses and tests and the infamous required video of an open WOD, to try and alleviate as much cheating, unreliability of numbers, and subjective (bro-rep) judging.

2nd - regardless of the imperfect system, the Open is a fantastic way to challenge yourself and see where you would fall in the region and the world.  As in any sport, we will have those who will try to cheat the system in one way or another and some will even get away with it. However, there are cheaters and bad calls in every sport, yet we still love the game.  CrossFit is no different.

3rd - this shouldn't reflect on all of CrossFit.  The respect for one's integrity and honesty is earned by performance, the rest will be revealed in the end. At least, that is how it has played out in the past.  We can only hope the truth will be triumphant once again and overall!


Now let's get to the bigger and more important issue--Trust.  If I am an athlete where a coach/judge is called into question, I would inquire.  We have to allow human error and understand no one is perfect. However, some of the discrepancies are outrageous. 
We saw it in practically every gender and age on the Open board. With that, the bigger fish to
fry is whether it's cheating or incompetence. Now, either of those are disconcerting.

For instance, if you are being coached by a cheater, what kind of coach, or person for that matter, is he/she?  Can they be trusted with your journey?  What kind of integrity overall is
being displayed to you as an athlete?  Cheaters have a tendency to cheat life in many ways and in many capacities.  This is not a CrossFit issue!  This is about morals, respect, integrity, and ethics.  If it is because of cheating, that takes more than an athlete on their own -- shame on them and their bro-repping judge!

The other issue, and probably a more important aspect, is incompetence.  How can you trust your mechanics, performance, personal records, and overall well being?  Bottom line - if incompetence is the reason - they should not base their knowledge on athleticism or personal training alone because clearly they are mistaken. They should learn more and study as much as possible.  If they are a coach, they owe that much to their athletes.  We have plenty of fantastic athletes out there who aren't the greatest coaches and vice versa.  The elusive balance seems to be the key we all struggle to achieve and hats off to those that find it!


All in all, CrossFit is good!  We love it and all of it's constantly varied imperfections.  Don't be discouraged because of grumbling and disagreements.  For those of you that don't really care --- WOD ON!!!

wod on.jpg

attempted writing by: Kim "Mama Llew" Llewellyn

(I envy those that can write so eloquently)