Don't Be A Fool - Use the Correct Tools

Don’t Be a Fool; Use the Correct Tools!

Embrace the Modifications


It has been brought to our attention by other boxes, potential athletes, our own athletes, and personally we hear things about modifying being mocked. For example, using PVC or stepping or jumping on a smaller box, using bands or jumping pull-ups, knee push-ups, rowing instead of running, etc. etc., is being made fun of via videos, posts, conversations, etc.

Shame on anyone for belittling CrossFit and the universal CrossFit understanding that everything is scalable!  As Box owners, we view this as an insult and hurtful to the industry as a whole.  We happen to realize that 90% of our clientele will be the beginners needing modifications.  In fact, just recently, we met with some people at a family gathering who have avoided CrossFit because of this very issue of mocking and fear of being made fun of for needing modifications such as PVC, etc.


CrossFit is supposed to be a community of people that support one another regardless of whether you are a seasoned athlete or beginner.  Alienating this belief turns potential future Crossfitters away.  They fear that if they are not a Regional/Games athlete, they will not be able to participate.  One of the main excuses we hear from people is they think they need to get in shape to do Crossfit. This is not true and the idiots that portray that farce are not true to what CrossFit is all about. They are posers!

Everyone from a child to the elderly can participate.  Don't let the fools fool you!  This program can actually be very beneficial to a variety of medical ailments too.  Crossfit is the soccer mom, the athletic men and women, the man with sore knees, the young, and the old. CrossFit is you!!

  Just a small group of our members with ages ranging from teens to the 50s.  All different levels with different needs and modifications.

Just a small group of our members with ages ranging from teens to the 50s.  All different levels with different needs and modifications.

We at Endless train by the "mechanics, consistency, intensity" belief.  We strengthen mechanics, make sure you are moving consistently with those mechanics, so we can SAFELY introduce the intensity.  Everyone's needs are different. We train the individual not the group. We add load, height, difficulty, etc., as your body becomes stronger and better conditioned to accept those changes and loads.

We would never expect the same intensity/difficulty from our beginner to seasoned member. We most definitely would never want our beginners or possibly medically-limited members feel they were less important or less successful because of modifications. Believe us, you are all awesome whatever your scale. All that really should matter is that it is personally working for you!

For example, we would never load up a male or female with heavy weight immediately, regardless of athleticism.  Age, mobility, and mechanics are all factored in.  These individuals will need to be evaluated and conditioned to handle such loads and should be strengthened accordingly and in increments based on their specific needs. 

Individuals handle loads, torque, and intensity differently.  This rings true in the gymnastic world and the lifting world alike.  For example, a gymnast wouldn't be allowed to throw back handsprings until areas (wrists, shoulders, ankles, core, etc.) were strengthened, conditioned and mechanically sound to handle such a load, i.e. body weight, so why would a weightlifting load be any different?  Also, moving efficiently in any of these moves or lifts is key.


Remember, it's just a stepping stone.  Don't let others who choose to make fun of the important tools and modifications deter you from becoming your best. Those tools are put in place to safely and efficiently bring you forward.  Those who make fun are uneducated, do not understand body preparedness to prevent injury, and, most of all, do not have your best interest in mind.  To rush progress for one's own self ego is careless. Do yourself a favor and be patient.  A PR that ends you in the urgent care or ER really isn't worth it, especially if it removes you from staying active and healthy.

We have noticed that athletes who are patient and build their strength and mechanics slowly tend to thrive.  They become sleepers, unnoticed, until one day they emerge strong, healthy, efficient, and fast.  We have also noticed those who have a tendency to rush their progress end up hurting one way or another and the process ends up being a frustrating ritual of one step forward, two steps back.


Everything can be broken down and going from A through Z, with the proper steps and mechanics, will be most beneficial. It is true, skipping steps or FULL range of motion may give immediate gratification, however, is usually short lived because overuse and incorrect mechanics eventually lead to hitting a stagnant wall or sustaining an injury.

We want to be efficient!


Efficiency allows you to use up less energy in every aspect. Why use up all your energy doing extra movements, incorrect position, and inefficient mechanics?

Don't let that instant gratification carrot dangled in front of you manipulate you straight down the road to inefficiency or injury.  Embrace the modifications and learn from them. You should build upon them and become a better, efficient, stronger, healthier person today and far into your future.

Now go forward, be proud and modify as needed -- 3..2..1