After The Chalk Settles

Congrats to Tag Team Competitors





 -- "Real humility is a sign of strength, authentic confidence, and courage. It is the mark of a true man."







 -- "Elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.  A pleasing or attractive quality or endowment."



The competition is over and the chalk has settled.  We wanted to say how proud we are of all our athletes - the competitors and the massive support group at Endless CrossFit.  We could never do this without you all.


Thank you for making this a box to be proud of.  A box that respects CrossFit and is recognized for well executed mechanics.  We received some excellent compliments from other athletes, coaches, and judges.  This is because of you all!  We strive to help you become the best you can be safely, efficiently, and effectively; however, you are the ones that do the work.






We knew going into the Tag Team competition, it would be difficult for some; however, we encouraged you all to do this because we knew the standards were more for the "un-seasoned" crossfitter.  This was an excellent opportunity for athletes to try it. Kudos to those veterans who partnered up with others so they may have the opportunity to compete for the first time or at a level never attempted before.  Thank you for handling yourselves humbly and respectfully.  You are true role models and true testament of how most real crossfitters behave.  For those who didn't - well, attention was received but not the kind, I am quite sure, you were looking for.  Many discussions to this nature from athletes, owners, and spectators alike, validate the disapproval of bad taste.  Bless those who do not hold all of CrossFit accountable for a few with bad sportsmanship!  A lot of new Crossfitters (moms, pops, kids, etc.) came to watch and we don't want them to think this is what it's about.  Fortunately, a few bad behaviors does not define what we believe to be CrossFit and the real spirit shines through.

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We fell in love with Crossfit because of equal support for every athlete, regardless of their placement, and for the humility, respect and grace of the elite. We wanted to share that with our family. All in all, we did, and it turned out to be a fantastic experience.




Also, a big shout out to those whom had the guts to compete in the ShredFest, which was hosted by and included many elite (regional and games) athletes of CrossFit.  We had one member, Rachel Adams, trek to the Ozarks for this epic battle where the standards were tough and the bar was set high. She persevered knowing it was going to be an uphill battle.  Very intimidating to say the least!  We want to congratulate her courage and on a job well done!!