Muscle Memory (body memory)

I know this may seem off point of CrossFit; however a great read about muscle memory and habits. We discuss this often pertaining to our gymnastic skills and how each person stores what they've learned.  Every action needs to be stored so it may be tapped into later when needed.

As a prior gymnastic coach, I (Mama Llew) used this "breakdown" method from teaching handstands, back walkovers, layout fulls, double backs, Tsukaharas, giants and so on. This can be used in everything from pullups to Oly lifts.

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Gymnastics and Muscle Memory



This brings to the forefront, improving on lifting.  Don't think! Just Do!  Which means it should be so ingrained that you don't waste time overthinking it.

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The more you practice, the more the skill becomes automatic!


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