To Compete or Not to Compete? That is the Question...

Most of us start CrossFit with NO intentions of EVER competing. Although, there are some that get the itch very early, the majority of CrossFitters are just content being healthy, being part of the awesome community, and getting through the daily wods.  If not interested in ever competing, watching a comp in person is well worth the time.


You ask yourself, do I have what it takes?  If you never touch a competitive floor, that does not make you less of an athlete. You are a CrossFit athlete just because you step into the box during the week and tackle whatever the WodMaster puts on the board.

With that said, there are so many competitions throughout the year to pick from. Although, there are higher-caliber, more intimidating comps that invite some of the top athletes in the country, if not the world; there are also lower-caliber, less intimidating comps available.  The names of the comps alone can be intimidating; however, it will be the standards that change the complexion of the comp.

If you are curious about competing, it is highly recommended to try it for the experience alone. You should shop around, check out the standards, and then just give it a shot.  It's well worth it!  The true CrossFit community is so supportive that even the last place is congratulated as much as the first.  Why? Because it's an awesome feat to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there.  Once there, you realize it's not much different than working alongside your CrossFit friends at your own box. It's a fantastic way to meet other athletes of all different calibers who are just as nervous and have the same fears.


Some people are afraid to even try.  This is usually because of their own insecurities and fear.  Competitive trash-talk can also deter some athletes.  Just remember, the naysayers that get in your head and have an agenda to bring you down usually have their own major insecurities. They need to bring others down to make themselves feel better. Individuals that need to have their ego constantly stroked, need to show off, bring attention to themselves, or tell you how great they are rather than highlighting others and their abilities, has their own deep-rooted issues.  Sad, but true.  Don't let their problems define you!

Courage (1).jpg

We have had the honor of meeting some top competitors in the world and it's so refreshing to hear how humble most of them are.  Most of them would support and help you succeed.  Success is walking onto a competitive floor regardless of the outcome. Give your best , humbly, and with respect.  All situations can make you or break you; it all depends on what you do with the experience.  Learn from your experiences.  This will only make you a better athlete and person.  Take advantage of every good or bad part of a wod or comp and use it wisely.


One thing so special about the Endless CrossFit family is the ability to find the positive in a negative and build upon it.  Do your best, that's all you can do.  The best is YOUR best, and take away a good feeling that you did so.

Whether you ever step out on a competitive floor, you all do compete.  You compete against yourself with each workout.  The self competition, rather you realize it or not, makes you a better, healthier person each and every day not only in CrossFit, but in your day-to-day lives.

We at Endless want to give kudos to all competitors and non-competitors alike!

This sh*t is hard any way you slice it!!

To compete or not to compete may be the question; yet, the answer is already made for you.  If you CrossFit, you are competing with yourself for a better tomorrow!