Any of our full-time, unlimited members can come to this class.  This membership requires a waiver signed by a parent if under the age of 18.

In order to make our classes a little more affordable for high school and college students, we are opening a new class.  The After School Special!!

This class will be at 3:00PM Monday through Friday.  This time will also be available to all who have unlimited memberships.  The After School Special membership is for full-time students (13 years and up), for a rate of $50 including tax.


Coming June 1, 2015:  the AfterSchoolSpecial at 3pm will still be offered to full-time school and college students (13yrs+) as a Summertime Special.  Now, you will have a choice of Summertime Special at 10:30am or 3pm Monday-Friday (must pick one per membership).  The cost is $50 including tax.  This will start June 1 and end last day of August.  If your membership carries into your school year after your 10:30am membership ends, you can finish up your membership at 3pm classes or, if needed, we can prorate your cost.


Note:  A waiver will need to be signed by a parent for minors

Note:  No Other classes will be available with the AfterSchool or Summertime Special memberships