Teen special offers lower prices for 13-18 years of age. Must choose a time to attend for an entire month. May change month-to-month.

ALL TEEN SPECIALS HAVE A COMMITMENT FEE OF $50 to be applied to the 4th month after 3 months of current consecutive participation (late or non payment on any month will result in forfeiture of $50).  Any membership without a 3-month commitment, will result in another commitment fee of $50. Any invoices late (15+ days) will be required to pay a $25 registration fee. Notification to put account on hold prior to due date will waive the registration fee (must let us know before becoming late).  However, we will only allow 2 holds per year unless there are extenuating circumstances waived by Mike or Kim.

Sorry Walk-in Services only available to athletes 18+

*All Beginner Foundation Graduates must join CrossFit within 30 days of graduation or will be required to redo the Beginner Foundation Class.

*Any athlete without 1-year experience and a lapse of 3+ months or with 1-year experience and a lapse of 6+ months with Endless must repeat 8 beginner foundation classes (unless waived by Mike or Kim).