BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:  Those interested in starting CrossFit can participate by appointment only.  This ensures a better experience and preparedness for your new adventure.


Safety and technique are our first priorities! Speed and Strength will follow.

We train functional movements used in our day to day lives, from picking up something heavy, sitting down and getting back up, to carrying groceries; therefore, the movements are safe.

Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity! - Move Well THEN Move Fast!

You will first learn the mechanics of the movements, followed by doing those movements consistently. Finally, those consistent and safe movements will be ramped up with intensity and Intensity is where the magic happens!

The WODs are written with purpose and are programmed for the best overall workout you can receive. On the surface they look like a bunch of movements thrown together, however, there is a method to the madness.  CrossFit is about balance and we strive to program your workouts to help you achieve that balance -- Faster than a weightlifter and Stronger than a runner.  Most workouts do not last over 45 minutes. Intense training that optimizes physical conditioning is not sustainable past 45 minutes to an hour --- More is Not Better!!!

CrossFit is more like sharing a personal trainer with friends rather than belonging to a health club.  We will bring you the best training we can offer and will encourage and help you finish each workout.  We want you to leave each day feeling stronger and more confident than the day before.

The goal is to be healthier and to feel better than you thought you ever could in every aspect of your life. You will see positive performance results in many areas including endurance, speed, stamina, strength, accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and power and, yes, loss of weight, fat, and inches is an added positive side effect.

We believe in CrossFit! 

There are so many aspects of how this program can change lives and from our small garage to our larger box, our dream was to share this on a bigger scale.  It means much more to us than just a workout; it is truly a way of life.  We hope to offer an inviting atmosphere for a great workout and a wonderful community anyone would be proud to be a part of.

Smile, Enjoy the Life Changes, Embrace the Suck, and YOU will be Stronger Than Yesterday!!


Along with WODS, you also have open gym with each unlimited membership:

  • Open Gym:  This space is for you to have the opportunity to work on specific areas and needs on your own time and convenience.  A coach will be able to help with any questions you may have. (Some equipment may be limited depending on what is being used in wods, etc.  Make sure to check available times on the schedule).

**Personal Training is also be offered to anyone wanted that personal touch toward their fitness goals.

This is offered in 1/2 and 1-hour sessions.  You can enjoy a one-on-one session or share with another person or persons for a reduced price.

Give us a call if interested.  Our Universal Punch Card can be used for Personal Training along with other offered classes and workshops.  We also offer one-time rates per service.

All coaches at Endless hold a CrossFit L1 Certificate (CFL1) unless they are interning and shadowing in preparation to test for a certificate.  Per CrossFit requirements, to remain in good standing, we have at least one CFL1 on site at all times and keep our insurance and affiliation fees up-to-date. As an athlete and patron of CrossFit, do your homework and make sure all boxes you visit follow these guidelines for your own safety and well-being.

We also have a USAG Instructor (gymnastics) and instructors carrying other CrossFit Certs including Mobility, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit Kids.

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

Other ENDLESS Possibility Programs!

Now, we offer other styles of workouts and classes, for a separate cost, to appeal to others not interested in CrossFit workouts.

  • Cardio Club is a 45-minute class without the intimidation of the barbell work or other "CrossFit" style aspects.  This class will be more like "bootcamp" and offer body-weight, cardiovascular/metabolic conditioning and endurance workouts.
  • Rowing is a 30-minute class for those wanting to work on cardio based workouts.  The main event will be rowing with some CrossFit movements sprinkled in.  Here are some reasons to add this class to your training:
    • Rowing is a full body movement.
    • Rowing is an efficient calorie burner.
    • Rowing develops strength and endurance.
    • Rowing is a low impact exercise.
    • Rowing is good for active rest days

We also offer other classes for our athletes and anyone outside of CrossFit interested in an added boost to their workouts.  These are available with walk-in fees or with a punchcard purchase (8 punches good for 90 days).  Classes are 1 punch and Workshop punch amount will be determined as they are announced.

  • Olympic Lifting & Gymnastic (Workshops): Workshops periodically offered - Dates To Be Announced. (Punch=TBD)

  • Gymnastics:  The programming will be announced as part of the workshop announcement.  We use a USA Gymnastics approach, taught by a USAG Instructor and assistant coaches, with CrossFit in mind.  We will work on progressions and skill transfer movements that can be used toward efficient body movement throughout CrossFit. This workshop will consist of lecture-style athlete participation and circuit training. (Punch=TBD)
  • Endless Barbell:  All progressions are modified per athlete.   Every workshop will concentrate on the Olympic Lifts -- The Snatch & Clean&Jerk

    In CrossFit, Olympic Lifts are not only taught for the strength factor but for mechanics and the skill it takes to do these lifts and how that skill transfers into other movements.

    Spend the time learning, studying and practicing the two basic lifts. The snatch and the clean & jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance to strength training.

    As always, we separate groups based on their specific needs, ability, and prior understanding of the lifts.

  • Endless Extreme Throwdown:  This is a class for athletes who need the extra push, embrace competitiveness, and are ready for the challenge.  There are standards required to attend this class.  Each class and standards to attend are announced during the week (Punch = 1).  Enjoy a class where all are doing the same movements and standards as you are.
  • CrossFit Kids:  For the little people, we also have CrossFit memberships for 3-12 years of age.  These are also available with walk-in fees or with a punchcard purchase (8 visits good for 90 days).  This program is a fun-filled class geared toward teaching our youth the correct way to move in all aspects of their lives. (Punch=1)