5:15am Mon-Fri

9:00am Mon-Fri

12:00pm M-W-F

3:00pm Mon-Fri (AfterSchool)

4:00pm Mon-Fri

5:00pm Mon-Fri

6:00pm Mon-Fri

7:00pm Mon-Thu

*7:00pm Friends Friday

*last Friday of the month



(OlyLifting Class)

10am&6pm Wed


7pm Thu&10am Fri

*Specialty class packages are available for non-Endless Members






Contact us for any other time suggestions not listed




For questions about our program or to schedule a class, please Email us:

or call/text:

Kim @ 636-253-0317

Mike @ 314-620-5977


Welcome to Endless CrossFit

Where the Possibilities are ENDLESS!!

All coaches at Endless hold a CrossFit L1 Certificate (CFL1) unless they are interning and shadowing in preparation to test for a certificate.  Per CrossFit requirements, to remain in good standing, we have at least one CFL1 on site at all times and keep our insurance and affiliation fees up-to-date. As an athlete and patron of CrossFit, do your homework and make sure all boxes you visit follow these guidelines for your own safety and well-being.

Visitors and Walk-Ins of experienced crossfitters are always welcome any time.  We have a daily walk-in rate along with weekly rates for anyone in town for an extended visit. Any other guests (non-experienced) can participate by appointment only.

We are planning on moving in 2015 to a new building at the end of our street.  This upgrade will allow us to have a wod side and a specialty side.  We are hoping to add some more specialty classes and will also allow open gym as long as box is open.  Of course, equipment may be limited depending on wod.  As always, our wods and classes are our first priority.

Come Check out one class for FREE(If coming to a free class, please contact us to make sure there is available room in the class you want to attend)



CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. If you stay dedicated to giving CrossFit and Endless a chance, your achievements and accomplishments truly are endless.  

Each day we program a WOD (workout of the day) consisting of high intensity workouts while using proper technique.  The WOD will be programmed to vary the movements while maximizing your body's full potential for results.  To learn a little more about us and CrossFit, click HERE.

Don't let prices scare you away. Personal training rates can be in the range of $30 to $100+ an hour.  At Endless, your daily rate can be as low as $4.00 an hour, depending on attendance.  CrossFit is like sharing a personal trainer.  Click on  Prices to see our rates.  Also make sure to check out our referral and loyalty programs!

Every so often we give an award to the Athlete who has shown the most dedication, determination, and overall "Will to Succeed" to show our members how much we appreciate their loyalty and hard work.


We also want any athletes who are interested in competing know we will help you any way we can.  Our goal is to help each athlete to be the best they can be.  However, please note that to be an Endless Competitor, this must be your primary box in order for us to assist you in preparing for that arena.  We are very passionate about our coaching and pride ourselves in movement standards and safety.  To represent us, we ask for a level of commitment from each competitor in order for us to help you progress as a competitive athlete.  We will sometimes have tryouts for specific competitions to assure you, as a competitor, and us, as your coaches, are comfortable with competition standards.  We will give you the programming and tools to help you progress as an athlete; however, it will be your responsibility to do the work.

Please remember, it takes time.  We recommend at least 3 months to see changes.  This seems to be a fair amount of time to start seeing changes.  Patience and work will be important.

If for any reason you feel you are not seeing progress or are disappointed in any way, please let us know and we can work with you as an individual and help create a program specifically for you.  Thanks.



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